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Pound 4 Pound, Forming and Framing. Specializing in custom residential construction.

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Pound 4 Pound, Framing and Forming. Cutting wood.

Forming and Framing in the Sea to Sky.

Pound 4 Pound Framing and forming specializes in wood framing and structural steel installation, architectural/traditional forming, ICF installation (Vancouver ICF installer), concrete placing.

We offer a full custom home construction service (plan review,  sketch-up 3D structural models, building system review, product choice, material take off, timelines).

This service ensures that you go from excavation to rough in/back framing the most efficient way, while building a better home.  We pride ourselves in coordinating closely with the builder from the pre-construction phase to ensure projects meet their full potential, are kept on schedule and on budget.

Pound 4 Pound, Framing and Forming, Tim Spraque walking
Pound 4 Pound, Framing and Forming, team working
Pound 4 Pound, Framing and Forming, cutting wood
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